Avaliable on Amazon
Avaliable on Amazon

This is a very inspirational book, written with the sole purpose to motivate readers to be the best they can be in life and career by simply adjusting their everyday activities to help them achieve their goals.

many people hope to do something, or wish they could do better in one area of their life or another, but very few people actually follow through with their plans to turns things  around, some start on their journey to achieve their objectives, but they often fail to reach their goals due to the complicated ideas and approach they apply, which often leave them feeling exhausted and unable to continue, but in this book you'll realise that the part to success is not so complicated if you're armed with the right information and you apply the right approach, every dream or aspiration is achievable provided the dreamer doesn't give up.

get yourself or a friend a copy of the self-awareness book, and inspire yourself to do exploits this new year. you'll be glad y



Atwo-in-one booklike no other
Atwo-in-one booklike no other

This Book is about helping couples with realistic tips and advice on what they need to focus on and things they need to avoid, in other to make their relationship work.

I ) Are you married or in a relationship?

ii) Have you and your partner been experiencing difficulty in communication?

 iii) Have you unknowingly created some unrealistic expectations? 

iv) Have you given way more than required all in an effort to make it work,  yet no positive result, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

v) Are you struggling to find answers to several conflicting myths about what makes a marriage work without success, then worry no more This book is written just for you.

 Ever wonder how some couples stay married for so long and seem genuinely happy together, why many are struggling to make it through the day without trying to kill each other.

leaving you thinking '' what are you doing wrong, you may have read many book or articles on what to do, or how to make it work, but you're not seeing results, well here is your chance to find answers to the questions you've been seeking.

 There are so many myth and misconceptions about what makes a marriage last or work , unfortunately myth are not always true , hence many people are still having problems in their marriages or relationship.

This book will help you debunk the myth, understand the reality of issues, and what you should do instead . You'll find proven tips and recommendations on how to turn your relationship and marriage into a bliss union for you and your spouse/partners .

A must read for every couple